Michael Thonet chair (Laufsessel) 1847 © LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, Vaduz–Vienna

The collection of furniture in the
Liechtenstein CITY PALACE​

Mirroring the development in painting, the transition from Classicism and Empire to Biedermeier in furniture took place smoothly, without any abrupt changes. The furniture on display at the Liechtenstein CITY PALACE attests to a wide variety of forms and colours, conveying a vivid picture of the interiors of this time.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller - Restored to new life, 1852 © LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, Vaduz–Vienna

The Liechtensteins´ collection
of paintings in the CITY PALACE

While the GARDEN PALACE houses masterpieces from the early Renaissance to the High Baroque, the CITY PALACE displays highlights from the Princely Collection’s holdings of Classicism and Biedermeier art.

Porcelain service - Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin © LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna

The history of porcelain
in Vienna​

The private art collection of the Prince von und zu Liechtenstein also holds an impressive
collection of porcelain.

Gilding in the Liechtenstein CITY PALACE © Palais Liechtenstein

The art of gilding​

The restoration of the gilding constituted a major focus of the complex revitalization of the Liechtenstein CITY PALACE, which is nowadays know as one of the top eventlocations in Vienna.


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