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The renovation of the GARDEN PALACE 20 years ago

The Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE is notable for its stunning symbiosis of nature, architecture and masterpieces of art history. Equally impressive is the terrificly renovated condition of the palace. The fundamental renovation has already been completed 20 years ago: in regard to this special 20-year anniversary we would like to invite you to have a closer look into the renovation process. A general introduction as well as the beginning of an anniversary series.



Early 2001 saw the start of the complete restoration of the Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE. The aim of the project was to reopen the building as the Liechtenstein Museum, in which substantial holdings from the Princely Collections were to be put on public view. Before the art treasures stored in the repositories at Schloss Vaduz could be returned to Vienna the whole palace had to be brought up to the highest standards of modern museum security, fire prevention and climate control. The ancillary rooms needed in a public museum (toilets, cloakroom, etc.) were accommodated in a newly-constructed basement floor beneath the Sala Terrena.


The entire artistic decoration of the palace, in particular the ceiling paintings by Franceschini and Bellucci, the frescos by Pozzo and Rottmayr as well as the ceiling stucco work by Bussi, were painstakingly restored according to the strictest conservation guidelines. Especial care was taken to create a harmonious overall impression while preserving the still extant original patina.


From 2004 to 2011 the Liechtenstein Museum was situated in the GARDEN PALACE.


Since January 2012 Palais Liechtenstein has been striking out in a new direction. The museum with fixed opening hours has closed, and the focus is now on high-end events and pre-booked guided tours of the Princely Collections.



This article is the first part of our "Anniversary Series" which focuses on the renovation of the Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE. The renovation took place between 2000 and 2004 - which means that this year will be the 20th anniversary. We would like to invite you to pursuit this special series via our online News-Area or our Newsletter.







all images: Sebastian Burziwal


"Anniversary in the GARDEN PALACE"

20-year anniversary of the princely collections' return to Vienna 


 The Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE was transformed into one of Vienna’s first museums already in the 19thcentury. The tradition of presenting the Princely Collections to the public was revived in 2004 after the restauration of the building and a nearly 70-year absence of the artworks. They had been relocated to Vaduz in 1938.


The special guided tours offer the opportunity to learn more about the history of the collections and the utilization of the GARDEN PALACE during and after the second world war, as well as the revitalization of the palace and its garden between 2000 and 2004.


60 minutes | Advance booking required | Single ticket price: EUR 24.00

Selected dates and times | In German only

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