Anniversary Series

The Revitalization of the Liechtenstein Park

The second part of the "Anniversary Series", which shows the fundamental renovation of the Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE 20 years ago, focuses on its beautiful exterior area: The Liechtenstein Park. Known today as a popular recreational area and green oasis for its visitors, the park was saved from decay during the renovation between 2000 and 2004. 


In the context of the total refurbishment of the GARDEN PALACE the wish arose to halt the progressive deterioration in the park's appearance. By the opening of the LIECHTENSTEIN MUSEUM in March 2004 these historic gardens were to be revitalised and given a form appropriate to the complex as a whole. Conceived and executed by renowned horticultural designer Cordula Loidl-Reisch, the new designs remember the Baroque garden while paying tribute to the idea of the English landscape park.


Thus in the area immediately adjacent to the palace a section has been created that influenced by the aesthetic principles and proportions of the Baroque era. However, unlike its Baroque model, this reinterpreted parterre is dominated by various flowering herbaceous plants, as well by summer flowers.


In the absence of the original Baroque ornamental features new decorative elements had to be created. Today, instead of ornate stone Baroque vases on plinths metal baskets planted with roses echo the Baroque vase avenues on strips of lawn that once graced the central axis of the parterre.


One of the main aims of the revitalisation was to open up the central Baroque axis. The formal parterre merges gently into the informal English landscape garden, with the central axis extending from the backdrop of trees dominated by huge planes via the graceful sculpture of the nereid in the pool and the large expanses of grass to the impressive palace on Alserbachstraße which forms the boundary of the park.


To this day, this unique historic garden is a very popular local recreation area and green oasis for its visitors. 



If you wish to learn more about the Liechtenstein Park and its history please book our private special guided tour through the garden. For further information please click here



This article is the second part of the "Anniversary Series", which focuses on the renovation of the Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE. The general renovation took place between 2000 and 2004 and therefore celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year. You can follow up on the Series here in our News Area or via our Newsletter.  




"Anniversary in the GARDEN PALACE"

20-year anniversary of the princely collections' return to Vienna 

 The Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE was transformed into one of Vienna’s first museums already in the 19thcentury. The tradition of presenting the Princely Collections to the public was revived in 2004 after the restauration of the building and a nearly 70-year absence of the artworks. They had been relocated to Vaduz in 1938.


The special guided tours offer the opportunity to learn more about the history of the collections and the utilization of the GARDEN PALACE during and after the second world war, as well as the revitalization of the palace and its garden between 2000 and 2004.

60 minutes | Advance booking required | Single ticket price: EUR 24.00

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